Trailer for the project Portraits of Migration, where the photographer Alexander Mahmoud has captured portraits of people who came to Sweden as refugees.

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Subtitled trailer:

Client: Swedish Institute
Film: Moa Karlberg
Music: Christian Kjellvander
Copyright: Swedish Institute (SI), 2017
Ensuring equal opportunities for women and men in work-life is not only a matter of rights; it is the lucrative thing to do. By boosting gender equality, the Nordic countries have moved from poverty to prosperity. Affordable childcare, education and parental leave for both mothers and fathers have increased well-being and economic growth.

Meet 6 Nordic people who are working the balance; at home and at their jobs.

Client: the Nordic Council of Ministers, 2017.

Film: Moa Karlberg
Sound: Daniel Fagerström
Music: Pachipachi Music
Trailer for the photo project Swedish Dads, featuring the photographer Johan Bävman who decided to turn Swedish dads on parental leave into role models for dads around the world.

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Client: Swedish Institute
Photographs by Johan Bävman
Film by Moa Karlberg
Music by Pachipachi music
Copyright: Swedish institutet (SI), 2016