BORÅS 2005: A 17-year-old girl is kidnapped in Kosovo. She is sold to several men in Swedish Gislaved, Tranemo and Kinna. Her pimp is suspected to have earned his living on trafficking for many years, and may have brought at least 2000 persons into Sweden, sex slaves as well as illegal immigrants.

KLIPPAN 2005: An underage girl is forced to have sex with up to 17 customers a day, during a total of four trips from Rumania to Skåne. For many years she has been strictly controlled by her pimp, who physically abuses her and gets her pregnant for three times.

NORRKÖPING 2005: Two Slovakian women accept an offer to work in a restaurant in Sweden. When they arrive, there is no such work. Instead they are brought to the pimp in his apartment in Norrköping, where they are sold to men from the surrounding areas.

HÖGDALEN, STOCKHOLM 2004: A Romanian woman escapes from an apartment brothel. Naked, she climbs down to her neighbor below from a balcony on the tenth floor.

RÅCKSTA, STOCKHOLM 2004: Two men and one woman are taken into custody for serious procuring. In their flat, seven polish women were sold as prostitutes. They were advertised on Internet and the pimps took 70% of the women’s earnings.


BERGSJÖN, GÖTEBORG 2004: Two girls from Poland are promised big money for selling sex in Gothenburg. In average they accept seven to ten customers per night. When one of them gets pregnant and goes through an abortion, the other one is forced to accept twice as many customers. The pimp takes all the money they earn.

SÖDERMALM, STOCKHOLM 2002: A man earns more than a million SEK by making use of at least 20 women from Estonia, Lithuania and Russia for prostitution. Two of the women states that they have been brought back to Sweden a number of times, when they have tried to go back to their home country.

RINKEBY, STOCKHOLM 2003: A girl from Russia hears a woman speaking Russian on the subway. She makes contact with the woman and starts selling sex with the woman acting as her pimp. She becomes one out of 12 girls who are sold by the woman in numerous apartments in the Stockholm area.

SUNDSVALL 2004: A journalist at the local paper reveals that a woman and a man have supplied at least 25 clients to two Thai women, who came to Sweden to earn money.

KATRINEHOLM 2003: At least six women from Romania, Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia are fooled into going to Sweden. During the days they live in theirs pimp’s apartment. Evenings and nights are spent with different men who they are being transported to.

JOHANNESHOV 2002: A criminal organization uses an apartment as shelter for pickpockets and prostitutes from Lithuania. The women are mediated through several brothels. The youngest is 17 years old.

SKÅNE 2005: A sex buyer lends out his house to prostitutes, that he sells and uses for sex. He brags about “banging” a Slovakian woman “three times a day”.

HAGFORS 2001: A man brings four women from Moldavia and drives them to Hagfors. The first night he sells two of the women. The owner of the apartment hotel where they sleep gets suspicious and calls the police. The apartment gets raided as soon as the following morning.

KORTEDALA, GÖTEBORG 2003-2004: A young woman from north Africa is drugged and raped by four taxi drivers. During one and a half year, she is being forced to prostitution.

NORSBORG, STOCKHOLM 2005: Sex buyers are queuing in the staircase and on the street outside an apartment. A fight accumulates and the police discovers the brothel. During the next following five weeks, the police is able to identify 510 sex buyers.

HISINGEN, GÖTEBORG 2003-2004: two men in Gothenburg are buying a 24-year-old woman from poor conditions in Moldavia. They photograph her nude and sell her on the Internet: ”I am very sexual and get wet thinking of about all of the new things I would like to try if you are interested in me…”

ANGERED, GÖTEBORG 2003: Two female musicians from Estonia are offered to record an album in Sweden. The man who gives them the offer owns a studio and seems honest and trustworthy. At arrival in Gothenburg, the women are forced to have sex with the man, and get sold to numerous other men.

SOLNA, STOCKHOLM 2003: A woman persuades a total of 35 women to leave Estonia to go to Sweden. She forces them to sell sex from noon to midnight every day. The lock on the door to the apartment can only be opened by the woman’s cell phone.

VÄSTBERGA, STOCKHOLM 2004: Three men and one woman get arrested suspected of procuring and trafficking. The police identifies 17 Russian-speaking women, that have been used by the perpetrators in the purpose of prostitution.


Trafficking - 2006